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Covid 19 - updated

Posted on 4th April 2020

Covid 19

Our thoughts go out to you all during this difficult time. We hope that you are all staying safe and are coping with the changes that our Country is going through.

As the country continues to adjust to the situation around the Covid-19 outbreak, we’ve been closely following government guidance and putting in place contingency plans for the delivery of our services. The health and well-being of our colleagues, clients and communities continues to be our primary focus.


The use of our IT and phone systems has allowed us to continue to provide all usual support services, but whilst working from home. A specific skeleton staff is making sure our offices are manned, and are working suitably with the guidelines. All the usual phone numbers that you might call for help, support and advice are still valid and are being answered.

Please bare with us though...given the demands for working from home, service levels may alter slightly. Contacting you may also be harder, so please help us by letting us know how to contact you at home. Please be assured though, that we are working hard to ensure that there is no loss of service during this time and whether we are sat at our desk or at the kitchen table with laptop at the ready it is very much business as usual.

There have been many reports of increases of spamming, fake emails and different phishing attacks, so we would recommend, please be careful and work as safely as you can, both from Covid and online threats.

If you are struggling to work from home, connecting to the office, working securely via VPN or just can't figure out how you and your family can work at home at the same time, please contact us and we will be delighted to help.


We wish you well, hope you stay safe and are here if you need us .

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