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Our Ethics & Values

"Integrity, moral high ground and utmost customer respect."

For continued stability and growth we have defined our core values. These help us develop our staff, our brand and our business strategies.

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Our Mission

To use our skills with technology to partner with you, to help you become a superior company.

Our aim is to help you to become more efficient and effective, be able to react faster, make more informed decisions, save money and improve your profits, whilst protecting you and reducing your business risk.

We do this by cultivating long term relationships with our customers, to become their longstanding trusted technology advisor. We are committed to helping you make your IT easy to use, yet powerful and to provide a measurable return on investment.


Trust, Integrity, Confidentiality and Transparency.

The spirit of sharing, mutual respect and helping each other.

35 years in business

Over 35 Years Of Technology Innovation

The constant innovation of our products and services, the design and evolution of our software and our proactive customer service models are designed to carefully meet our clients' needs to ensure continued success.

We frequently review ourselves, our operations and how we work together, to ensure we follow what we advocate.

Our Values

To ensure that all of our products and services deliver our mission.

Customer Comes First

A cornerstone of our values is that our customers come first. We have your best interests in mind. We will always see if we can help you and the business and strive to help you become more effective.

Your Interests Are Key

We protect the interests of our clients. We ensure the continued success of your business and it's employees and our management teams always bear that in mind.

Shared Company Ownership

Our employees and our shareholders are, in many cases the same people. We therefore share a common approach and interest in how our company delivers long term value and customer retention.

We strive to enrich the work-life of our team by providing opportunities to grow, learn and succeed. Basic also recognises the need for modern work-life balance and work-flexibility.


Basic strongly encourages effective and cohesive teamwork. This has determined our business success over the last 35 years.

We continue to ensure this spirit is present in all activities we are engaged in.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the leading local provider of very high quality integrated IT services, system protection, and innovative business software.

Be known for our friendly personal touch, whilst remaining professional.

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