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Anti-Spam for IBM Lotus Notes Domino - SpamSentinel

Installed in 10 minutes. Protected year to year. Manage your spam more efficiently.

SpamSentinel automatically checks all of your mail messages against a list on known Viruses. It then removes or quarantines each virus, depending on your preferences.

Get email protection and put an end to a mailbox full of junk.

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Achieve a high quality 99.6% block rate

Years of experience stopping spam worldwide means SpamSentinel is the leading product for stopping spam and unwanted email traffic.

SpamSentinel Anti Spam email filter for Lotus Notes and Domino offers the same great product delivered in different ways. Customers can mix and match products or switch between them at any time, with no extra fees.

SpamSentinel Anti Spam filter for Lotus Domino Servers

This version runs natively, right on your Lotus Domino server. SpamSentinel stops spam and viruses without having to purchase any additional appliances or servers. Messages are checked during the SMTP connection, before they enter

  • Easy to install (10 minute install)
  • Stops and quarantines all Spam at the server
  • Blocks over 99.6% of Spam immediately
  • Very Low Administration: Manage all Spam from a Notes database
  • Subscription Based web service lists all known spam, means no need to enter email addresses and domains
  • 100% Self-service: Summary Reports sent to each user daily. Users can release messages with no assistance
  • SpamSentinel requires no Notes & Domino Administrator time or spam management!
  • SpamSentinel for Domino Servers Blocks Spam and Viruses at the SMTP gateway connection!

SpamSentinel Anti Spam filter for Lotus Notes

SpamSentinel Anti-Spam Desktop Edition reads your inbox and blocks spam and viruses using the same technology as the Server Gateway and Hosted editions. Use this in addition to any other filters, or as your only filter. This product is extremely simple to use, with no need for internal IT support. It runs at your desktop and is pre-configured to block most spam immediately.

  • Client Version - No IT support required
  • Installs in 10 minutes for your Lotus Notes mailbox
  • Start Blocking and Filtering Spam Immediately
  • No need to create huge "block lists". You get that service along with the software
  • Blocks over 99.6% of Spam immediately
  • You can tune it to reach 100%

Hosted Service Option: SpamSentinel Anti Spam Cloud Service

Take advantage of our experience with stopping spam and use this service - the simplest of all current offerings: Block spam with no user quarantines, reports or administrative effort.

This service lets you outsource your spam and virus protection with a simple MX redirect. Email passes through the anti-spam filters and is delivered just a few seconds later. Network redundancy ensures no mail is lost, even if your server is down for a period of time. The servers will connect and send all your waiting good messages when you're back up and running.

  • No installation, just an MX record redirect which can be done in the same day you request it
  • Stops spam and viruses at our hosted servers. Only sends the good mail
  • Store and forward if your Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange server is down

We'll help you decide what you need

We work with our customers to solve problems and deliver tangible results.

As a key implementer of SpamSentinel we are ideally placed to help you implement and support anti spam tools for your email environments.

We'd love to talk with you about your business requirements and how we can help.

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