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Postcode Integration for IBM Lotus Notes Domino

Get the right address first time around for IBM Notes Databases

British Standard 7666 compliant.

Put an end to address guess work. Get the right address everytime.

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Your message won't be lost with our integrated post code address software for Lotus Notes

It doesn't matter how effective your message is, if you've got the address wrong it's not going to reach its destination. Thousands of businesses and UK residents move every year. Valuable time, costs and resources can be saved however, with accurate address checking and data cleansing. Depending upon the size of your organisation, those unnecessary costs can run into millions of pounds.

  • Provides full validation and confirmation of addresses, increasing the accuracy of any database.
  • Saves time by producing a full address in moments.
  • Reduces the costs of failed deliveries by giving full premise information (i.e. all flats, apartments etc.)
  • Improves and maintains corporate image by verifying all addresses against the PAF (Postcode Address File).
  • Uses the PEF (Postcode Exchange File) to alert and update deprecated postcodes.
  • Ability to validate data obtained directly through your web site.
  • Increases the scope of your business by allowing capture and storage of Welsh addresses in Welsh.

This postcode integration toolkit helps you implement postcode lookups and postcode checking into your Lotus Notes Domino environment. Whether you need front-end solutions such as web services for address lookups, or back-end solutions providing addressing software integration across your entire organisation.

Postcode Lookup Integration Toolkit for Lotus Notes & Domino - Key Features

  • Returns a full address from just a postcode.
  • Matches to full premise or street level data.
  • Rapid address retrieval from just a few keystrokes.
  • Wildcard feature to capture the correct address where the data is incomplete or hard to read.
  • Provides single button data entry; sends addresses directly to any ODBC database.
  • Address format is defined by the user allowing addresses to comply with existing systems and databases.
  • Accurately captures addresses through web applications.
  • Allows user to specify their own data capture fields.
  • Includes Welsh language data enabling addresses to be captured in both Welsh and English.
  • Complete with quarterly PAF updates in order to allow accurate maintenance of address data.
  • Can be supplied as a Windows product or standalone module that can be easily integrated into existing systems and can interface directly with existing databases using DAO/ODBC.
  • Fully compliant with the Government's British Standard 7666.
  • UK edition covers England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland.
  • Other regional editions of AtlasRains are also available. Call for further details on 0115 940 5000.

Postcode Lookup with Name List Data for Lotus Notes & Domino

Our Postcode Lookup Toolkit can be purchased with Name List data.

The name list is the definitive names file and only includes records that are 12 months old or less. Compiled by Experian, it is refreshed quarterly and includes Electoral Roll information plus data from other sources. Using the Name List with our Postcode Lookup Toolkit provides the best quality name and address file, allowing you to rapidly return a list of names for an address or verify that name and address details are still valid.

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